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Experience our wide range of services including repairs, remodelling, engraving, and professional consultations with our Master Jeweller & Designer


Regardless of how well you look after your jewellery there can be times where it may need restoration or repair.¬†‚Äč

A bump in the wrong place as well as wear and tear that happens over time can take its toll on your special piece. Some examples of jewellery repairs include: 

  • Re-tipping prongs / claw settings on rings, pendants and earrings
  • Re-shanking rings
  • Ring re-sizing¬†
  • Soldering Chains¬†
  • Replace Diamonds & Gemstones
  • Check Loose Stone Settings
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning¬†
  • Repair Cracked or Damaged Jewellery¬†
  • Polish & Plating¬†

We pride ourselves on our quick lead times as we are Manufacturing Jewellers, please expect 1-2 week lead time. 


Personalisation has always been and remains an integral part of jewellery making. At Baivina, we offer endless amounts of personalisation possibilities from beautifully engraved text to symbols, logos, handwriting and even fingerprints. 

Precision is key to custom engraving, rings, pendant, medals, ornaments, watches, necklaces and other jewels can be transformed into personalised gifts for your loved ones. 

For those unique and most treasured heirlooms we offer laser engraving which breathes new life and meaning into your jewellery with precision and accuracy. 

Let your jewellery speak for itself with our specialised engraving service placing respect and sentimentality at is core.