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Something new from something old


Give that Sentimental Piece of Jewellery a New Beginning! Make an appointment to redesign your existing jewellery with our Master Jeweller & Designer

What Our Customers Say

Terry's ring

Terry brought in a sapphire and diamond ring and a challenge: she wanted something that would be “… similar yet totally different”!!

She said she usually likes diamond haloes around larger coloured stones – but not on this ring.

Master Jeweller, Bing Wang, brought more light and colour into the sapphires by remodelling the haloes into elegant ovals which only touched and held the sapphires at their corners. He also sourced brighter diamonds to make the blue pop.

The oval haloes contrasted with the baguette sapphires’ shape and linked prettily with each other.



Have some old jewellery that needs redesigning? Many of our customers have stunning vintage jewellery pieces that they are scared to wear as the settings are very old, or it doesn’t fit if it is a ring for example.

We offer a free consultation with our diamond and jewellery experts who will clean and closely inspect your ring.

Bring your jewellery into Baivina, and sit down with one of our designers who can advise you on your options to redesign your existing jewellery, giving it a fresh lease of life.

We would love to hear from you.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a piece that is truly unique