Engagement Rings

Round Cut

A classic and timeless cut. A style that will never get out of fashion. With our selection of round cut engagement rings you can not go wrong, we select our diamonds carefully to provide you with the highest quality for the special day.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut brings together elegance and classic looks, crafted with carefully sourced diamonds for that elegant look on your finger.

Pear Cut

The day of the engagement will definitely bring some tears of joy, why not let that moment be preserved with a pear shaped diamond, a shape that reminds of that moment of happiness, when a tear of love and happiness was created.

Princess Cut

To become someone's Queen, you first need to be the princess. The Princess cut diamond is a modern style cut that would suit a modern and fashionable woman, someone that love something modern that still have a classic sparkle to it.

Oval Cut

A cut that is trendy and modern but still elegant as a more classic shaped diamond, if you love the combination of trends and elegance, the Oval cut is the diamond for you.

Asscher Cut

A cut that breathes elegance and sophistication, an antique looking cut that brings the style back from the 1920’s and 1930’s art deco.