Whether for a memorable occasion, for a spontaneous splurge, or for a contemporary update to a precious heirloom, Baivina guides the client through each stage of the creative process at an affordable rate.


Beginning with a personal consultation and moving into the initial order aim to complete each request in a timely and dedicated fashion. Using both hand drawn and computer-aided CAD design each piece is completed according to the specific artistic creation work (then expertly fitted and adjusted to the personal dimensions.) The materials are chosen during consultation (whether gold, silver, platinum ) and then formed by the master jeweller through a complex series of hand-made and machine guided process involving rolling, punching, branding, spraining, soldering, setting, polishing, and rhodium plating.


At Baivina, we handcraft exquisite jewellery pieces using the finest quality diamonds and precious gemstones (rubies, sapphires, and emeralds etc.) therefore our master jeweller transforms the original designs into a creation that will exceed your expectations and produce an item to be loved and cherished forever.

Stones are sourced and quality cut according to your personal specifications, after choosing from the different cuts offered: Round, Princess, Baguette, Oval, Heart, Marquise, Asscher, Radiant, or Emerald. All of our diamonds are chosen by an experienced diamond selector and the quality is guaranteed.

Baivina has expertise in all setting types:

Pava set                           Bezel set

Micro Pave set                Punch set

Claw set                          Mystery set

Channel set                    Invisible set

Baivina Pty Ltd. was established in 2014 as a custom-made fine jewellery company, by Bing Wang, a master jeweller, experienced jewellery designer and specialised diamond setter, with over 20 years in the jewellery industry. Using innovative CAD design, high-quality materials, and hand-made process, personal attention is devoted to each detail of the consultation process: from initial drawing through to design, stone setting and refining an outstanding final product. Baivina believes jewellery is worn for beauty, for love and for happiness. Dedication to every piece ensures that the finest quality materials are marked by unique characteristics of both a classical romance and a modern style.


Jewellery is capable of holding our precious memories, nostalgic emotions, and irreplaceable sentiments. Baivina applies our high quality skillset to revamp your valuable keepsakes, updating, or even recreating family heirlooms or antique jewellery. By re-modelling any missing parts, replacing stones, re-sizing, re-tipping the claw, tightening stone settings, we can also renew items though a simple examination, though clean and expert polish. Baivina shines the beauty and the love back into any treasured item.

Services include:

Bespoke jewellery design

Custom made engagement rings

Remodelling existing jewellery

Jewellery repairs & sizing

Diamond setting

Laser engraving

Laser welder

Diamond and gemstones supply


Finally, each piece is client approved before the final steps of classical packaging and client collection or Australia-wide delivery. The entire process for a single piece requiring urgent completion takes approximately 10 working days (larger orders require negotiation of between 4-6 weeks.)

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